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I used to play Final Fantasy XI. It was my first experience with an MMO and is what hooked me on the genre. The worlds were vast and beautiful. The game required coordinating with other players in a harsh and unforgiving world. Dying meant losing XP, which meant possibly losing your progress and even losing a level.

But eventually it got to be too much. After trying to get past one particular level cap, where a group of max level guildmates ran around farming a monster with a hideously low drop rate for one item I needed, I decided I couldn't take it anymore. It should be possible to build an immersive game that expects players to specialize and coordinate to achieve their goals without being a huge timesuck.

So I was rather excited to hear there is a Final Fantasy XI reboot being developed for mobile. The story and the characters and the art and the maps of Final Fantasy XI were incredible. It has a special place in my MMO heart.

Final Fantasy XI

On the other hand, it is being developed by Nexon, which is a company notorious for creating pay-to-win "free-to-play" games. All the plus signs on the screenshot imply these are resources that can be replenished for a fee. I'll keep an eye on this project, but I'm afraid I'll be disappointed.

Lawrence McAlpin

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